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Why We Are The Best Choice For Clifton Fire Damage Restoration

1/22/2020 (Permalink)

Shelves stocked with our green machines Smoke or soot damage? Whatever the case might be we have the state of the art equipment and are ready 24/7 to assist you with your fire damage.

Why SERVPRO Delivers Successful Clifton Fire Damage Cleanup Results

Fire residue cleanup in Clifton works most efficiently when based on scientific principles and implemented by trained and well-equipped individuals. The soiling produced by a fire is unlike other household dirt. Heat, flames, and the production of various gasses and particulates affect the development and the consistency of the residues and the adhesion of the soot to various surfaces. The need to understand how all these elements work together is why we invest in world-class training for our technicians. 

Matching Methods and Products to Residues

Once a technician learns the basics of how fire damage affects your Clifton home, informed adaptations for your unique circumstances improve the outcomes even more. We support the efforts of our employees to become as precise as possible when pairing products and modifying the elements of cleaning as needed. Individualized care and treatment are why we start with the following basics of cleaning and work out from there:


  • Locate and identify smoke residues
  • Evaluate the surfaces affected
  • Capture and remove residues and discard properly


  • Agitation
  • Chemical action
  • Temperature
  • Time

Adaptations We Consider

When we inspect and assess your home after a fire damage loss, we continuously evaluate how to adjust the primary approach for the best cleaning results. Our preference is to restore, not to tear out and replace, why SERVPRO takes into consideration how much of a toll various cleaning methods take on certain surfaces. When we select among the products and tools at our disposal, we might modify:

Agitation and Dwell Time

We use gentler ways to move the surface or the cleaning solution to dislodge tightly adhered residues. Rather than a brush, we might swap out a feather duster. Soft cloths and more “elbow grease” is easier on a delicate surface than a rough-sided sponge or sandpaper. Delicate items can break apart with the use of ultrasonic waves or jets sprays, why SERVPRO technicians might increase dwell time by soaking the articles and use a spray bottle or soft paintbrush to remove embedded soils. 

Chemical Action

Before using water or oil-based cleaners on residues, we judge whether the surface or item is durable enough to handle the chemicals. Pretesting is a reliable way to determine how the material holds up, why SERVPRO technicians dab a small amount of the cleaner in an inconspicuous spot to evaluate the outcome.

Temperature and Dwell Time

The molecules in cleaning solutions move more quickly when we apply heat, why our carpet extractors and industrial washing machines use the hottest fluid possible to remove residues. Some materials warp or shrink under high heat, why SERVPRO employees research the material and spot test. If heat damages, we increase agitation or dwell time to achieve the desired results.

The experience and training of our technicians are why SERVPRO of Clifton can adapt cleaning procedures, leading to successful fire damage clean up. Call us round the clock at (973) 928-3705 to get one of our crews on their way to you.

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Mold Damage In Your Clifton Home

1/19/2020 (Permalink)

mold growing on wall “Like it never even happened.”

Mold Damage in your Clifton Home Requires Extensive Mitigation

Basements are a common place to find mold damage. Because many homeowners do not inspect this area of the home regularly, it is not unusual for a small mold infestation to become a large one quickly.

Working on a partially finished basement in Clifton with mold damage, SERVPRO technicians found evidence of a large infestation. The presence of both wood support beams, sheetrock, and cardboard boxes all give the mold something to consume, which exacerbates the issue.

Mold remediation is a restoration service that the technicians have specialized training to handle. The techs take precautions to ensure mold spores do not spread during mitigation and additionally follow up with protective measures upon completion to ensure the mold does not return.

Containment and Drying
Mold cannot exist when air moisture content levels are below 50%, so the technicians set up containment around the work area and use their drying and dehumidification equipment to lower the humidity and effectively dry the colonies. Air scrubbers also run in tandem to capture airborne spores stirred up by the air movers.

Abatement Techniques
Once the colonies dry, the techs use hand tools to lift the mold from surfaces gently. In cases where the mold does not release quickly, or the scale of the infestation is large, the techs use methods such as soda blasting to remove any remaining visible colonies. After abatement, the surfaces get wiped down with professional-strength antifungal and antimicrobial cleaning agents.

Post Treatments
It is common for techs to apply antimicrobial sealant in areas where colonies previously established. This action is particularly useful in cases where an issue that requires repair is, in part, responsible for mold growth. Treatment ensures no return of the problem before the homeowner has the necessary repairs completed. Technicians also commonly inspect the ductwork to determine it needs cleaning to remove evidence of mold spores, so they don't spread to other areas of the residence.

When mold damage is an issue, contact SERVPRO of Clifton at (973) 928-3705. The certified technicians can end the infestation and ensure it does not return “Like it never even happened.”

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How Technology Helps With Flood Water Removal in Clifton

1/6/2020 (Permalink)

Heavy rain. Thunderstorm warning sign. Flooding can occur any time during the year. SERVPRO has the technology to locate hidden pockets of water and restore your home.

Flood Removal Inspection Equipment Can Speed Up Recovery of your Clifton Home

Floodwater can cause significant damage to a home environment. These situations can be even more painful when restorers need to remove further components to repair harm. Interference with structure and contents can increase the amount of time it takes for the home to make a full recovery. Demolishing sections of drywall, for example, creates further damage and lengthens the procedure because restorers must then cut and replace the area.

At our company, we seek to use non-invasive measures in your home as far as possible during flood removal recovery in Clifton. This approach leads us to use advanced analytic equipment during the inspection phase. When your home soaks in floodwaters, there are visible elements you notice like standing water levels or staining. However, there are also invisible elements like water migration, cavity saturation, and rising moisture content of materials.

Here at SERVPRO, we can assess the invisible elements using inspection equipment. Thermal imaging cameras use infrared light frequency bands to measure temperatures of a surface. While these do not detect moisture, they can detect the after-effects of moisture on a surface, which is useful in assessing whether rising moisture content or migration is occurring. If water is residing in wall cavities, for example, it is likely that the surface temperature drops, which can then be picked up on by a thermal imaging camera.

As far as non-invasive methods are useful, SERVPRO seeks to use them. Unnecessary removal of structural components during inspection can increase the turnaround of a restoration significantly. While it is often necessary to remove the structure to thoroughly dry property and reduce secondary water damage, SERVPRO can use thermal imaging to ensure we only remove structure when needed. In some cases, we can use non-invasive drying tools such as injectidry systems to restore the property.

Make sure your recovery time after a flood is as short as possible. Contact SERVPRO of Clifton at (973) 928-3705.

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Mitigating Home Theater Flood Damage in Little Falls

12/16/2019 (Permalink)

A room with a big screen with a projector on the ceiling and two rows of recliners. Little Falls let us be the one to assist your Little Falls flood damaged home theater.

SERVPRO knows best when it comes to your Little Falls flood damage.

While most homeowners have precautions in place for dealing with flooding when it occurs, one thing that can be harder to plan for is the cost of a disaster. As much as 70% of New Jersey real estate has needed repair at least five times due to flood damage. Average payouts per claim have been estimated at $25,000, a staggering expense for homeowners rebuilding after a disaster.

If you find flood damage in your Little Falls home, IICRC-certified SERVPRO technicians are always available to restore your home to a preloss condition. Both technicians and franchise owners undergo extensive training in fire, water, and mold damage mitigation and remediation. Through thorough education and training in contemporary disaster cleanup measures, technicians help homeowners save money and possessions whenever it is safe and feasible to do so.

Tips for Handling Electronics

If you have an entertainment center or home theater that has been affected by flooding, here are some tips for salvaging your electronics:

  • Do not turn on devices. Turning a device on after it has been affected by water is more likely to ensure that it never turns on again. 
  • Do not dry electronics in microwaves or ovens. Exposure to the high heat from these items can damage devices further, so avoid using these to save your electronics. Wait for certified technicians who can handle electronics to help you.
  • Do not open devices to dry them. It is more likely that you can damage internal components by opening devices, especially after they have been affected by water.

How SERVPRO Can Help

There are several crucial factors to keep in mind for restoring electronics, and SERVPRO technicians receive thorough training in observing these measures. Low humidity and adequate temperatures are crucial to the success of any restoration effort. For example, technicians can set up dehumidification chambers for drying CDs, DVDs, and Blu-ray discs, as well as other media. This measure helps maintain a relative humidity of approximately 25%. To minimize corrosion, technicians ensure that electronic devices like computers and televisions do not cool below the dew point. But, that is all for mitigating water damage to sensitive electronic components. SERVPRO can recommend, or our customers can select their own specialty service to inspect and repair the internal workings. 

SERVPRO of Clifton has the tools and techniques you need to make your home look, "Like it never even happened." If you need rapid disaster cleanup, call (973) 928-3705 today.

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We Are The Leader In Little Falls Water Damage Restoration

12/16/2019 (Permalink)

One of our technicians using a moisture detecting tool after a water damage disaster Our technicians have the expertise and experience to utilize state of the art equipment properly in your home and prevent further damage.

Why Little Falls Residents should Understand Containment of Contamination during Water Cleanup

Water Cleanup Little Falls

Coming home to a water emergency is the last thing you need as a homeowner. Water damages can occur from faulty appliances, sump pumps, or problems with plumbing infrastructure. The length of time that water resides in an indoor environment can exacerbate the issue with deterioration from clean water to grey or black contamination levels occurring in as little as seventy hours. A trip away for the weekend can mean a benign water issue becomes a property emergency.

One of the primary concerns we have when performing water cleanup for Little Falls residents is cross-contamination. Cross-contamination can be hard to spot and even harder to stop. Wet contents can affect clean rooms in the house. Equally, wet footwear can spread greywater to other areas of the home, which presents a cross-contamination concern, especially in carpeted properties. Here at SERVPRO, we undergo extensive training on containment to ensure property damage does not spread around the home, causing more damage.

Preventing contamination depends on containment. Proper containment can quarantine the affected area, protect yourself and water damage restoration technicians in the property as well as manage airflow. Porous materials are often non-salvageable, in which case SERVPRO technicians can wrap materials in thick polyethylene or sealed plastics. This technique is known as source containment. This type of containment allows us to bring materials through unaffected areas of the property without risking cross contamination.

The other aspects of containment cover local containment and full-scale containment. Wrapping PVC pipes so that contaminants can be safely passed through uncontaminated rooms is essential to ensure proper disposal. In rare, ultra-severe cases, full-scale containment is necessary. Full-scale containment is a comprehensive process that requires the setting up of a work area, a decontamination area, an equipment room, and a cleanroom. Setting up full-scale containment may need an industrial hygienist on-site to direct SERVPRO technicians.

Inadequate containment can make a water emergency in one room a water emergency throughout the home. Contact SERVPRO of Clifton at (973) 928-3705.

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We Act Fast In Clifton After A Fire

12/6/2019 (Permalink)

A room covered soot and smoke damage after a fire We have the equipment, expertise and experience to restore your fire and smoke damage. We are available 24/7 so don't hesitate and call us right away.

Restoration of Soot and Smoke-related Fire Damage in your Clifton Home

Fire damage Clifton

Fire and the resulting hot smoke and ash can spread rapidly through a property. As it spreads, soiling is left behind on walls, ceilings, fabrics, and furniture. These soot and smoke residues can often be odorous or cause long-term staining if the affected area is not professionally restored. While homeowners can tackle some elements of cosmetic damages themselves using household cleaning products, certain areas, such as walls and ceilings, need expert care and attention to causing further issues.

Our restoration company provides qualified technicians for homeowners with fire damage in the Clifton area. By reaching out to us promptly, you give your home the best possible chance of making a full recovery- referred to in the industry as a preloss condition. Using a combination of training, industrial cleaning agents, and specialist equipment, SERVPRO can tackle even the most stubborn soot or smoke residues. As part of our restoration service, we can deodorize some or all of the property to remove lingering odors that can become an unpleasant reminder of the fire itself.

A room that has sustained significant levels of smoke or soot soiling can often be restored to a preloss condition with the right materials and methods. SERVPRO takes extra care to protect your possessions from further harm during the cleaning process by removing any loose items to a safe distance as well as sealing and covering larger items. In doing so, we can avoid the common knock-on effect of cleaning soots, which can land on direct items and cause extensive issues. In major property fires, we can perform pack-outs on a customer's behalf by temporarily removing contents for safe storage in a separate facility after fire damage.

There are often two types of smoke damage that can affect the same area of any particular wall or ceiling. These two categories are wet and dry smoke, which each require different cleaning methods to avoid spreading. SERVPRO can use industrial vacuums and a coiling brush to remove any loose soiling from surfaces. In some cases, soots may bond with the surface itself, requiring the application of solvent cleaning solution to remove effectively. We sensitively wash, rinse and dry walls or ceilings to avoid repainting or other expensive replacement options, keeping your claim expense low and stress-free.

Do not hesitate to bring in professional assistance for fire and smoke damages from professional, local technicians. Contact SERVPRO of Clifton straightaway at (973) 928-3705.

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Proven Tips to Combat Fire Damage in Clifton

11/30/2019 (Permalink)

fire damaged rooftop of a home It can be quite overwhelming when your home suffers from a fire. Contact SERVPRO for fire damage remediation services right away.

Fire Damage Clifton – Water, Smoke, Odor, and Fire

Fire damage is often much more than just the damage caused by the fire. There can be charred areas from the fire. There may be either water damage or chemical residue used by the firemen to quell the fire. Smoke and odor may have permeated the home, even if the rest of the home is undamaged from the fire.

SERVPRO's experience and training with fire damage events in Clifton often help clients with the stress of dealing with a fire as well as recovering from the fire. We are onsite within four hours and respond on a 24/7 basis. Our technicians have been trained to deal with fire, smoke, odor, water damage, and cleaning of fabrics and furniture.

Immediate Action

SERVPRO not only responds quickly, but we also deploy teams to begin cleaning and removing damaged contents immediately. Removal and cleaning activities reduce the odor. All hard surfaces are cleaned and wiped down. If chemicals have been used to quell the fire, we apply appropriate cleaning materials to remove the residue.

Restoration vs. Replacing Saves Time and Money

Not everything can be cleaned; however, we focus on cleaning and restoring as many items as possible. This approach of returning items to pre-fire conditions saves time, and the overall cost can be reduced. We aim to return your home to normal as fast as possible.

Odor Removal

Smoke and odors sometimes can spread throughout the home and leaves an odor in rooms well away from the actual fire. Severe odor conditions may require the family to vacate the home while ozone generators are used to dispel odors. SERVPRO prefers to use hydroxyl generators, which allows the family to remain in the home during their use. SERVPRO crew chiefs always deploy the necessary equipment to return your home to its original condition, "Like it never even happened."

Call SERVPRO of Clifton at (973) 928-3705 for 24/7 service. We proudly serve Woodland Park, Little Falls, and the surrounding areas. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

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SERVPRO Eliminates Flood Damage in Little Falls Homes

11/25/2019 (Permalink)

A neighborhood flooded all the way up to the sidewalk. We can’t stress the importance of water damage clean up in your Little Falls home.

Let SERVPRO eliminate your Little Falls flood damage.

Flash flooding can be disastrous for any community to endure. By 2016, all 50 states had experienced flooding or flash flooding in the five years prior. The cost of repairs, without proper mitigation, can be quite high and extremely stressful for homeowners. However, there is a team that can help you breathe a sigh of relief after a disaster.

If your Little Falls home needs flood damage cleanup fast, SERVPRO professionals can be at your home within hours of your call to mitigate damage. SERVPRO emphasizes the importance of preserving structures and possessions when it is safe to do so. These measures save homeowners on costs while ensuring that their property becomes a safe and comfortable place to live once more.

Always Able to Lend a Hand

SERVPRO is available at any time of the day or night to take your call. This firm can have a team at your home within 24-hours, coordinating with property owners and insurance adjusters to clean and restore your home. If your residence needs repairs after a flood-related disaster, technicians can also help owners secure reliable contracting services that are dedicated to cleaning up and restoring your living space. The entire crew is local to Passaic County, so they are familiar with the needs of residents. 

SERVPRO Can Save Your Furnishings

SERVPRO technicians prioritize cost-saving measures for homeowners to restore their property and can offer advice on whether restoration or replacement is ideal for furniture items after a flood. Your items can be moved off-site in a pack out if needed. This way, technicians can focus on ensuring that your structure is thoroughly cleaned, dried, and deodorized, maximizing safety for residents. 

There are several things that technicians can do to preserve certain parts of water-affected furnishings when it is safe to restore them, including:

  • Drying buttons, zippers, and other non-fabric components to prevent damage and rust
  • Reducing rust transfer with furniture pads around affected fixtures
  • Using a portable extractor in tandem with upholstery tools to remove water
  • Treating furniture stains with commercial-grade, EPA-registered cleaners

SERVPRO of Clifton is a team you can count on to be Faster to Any Size Disaster. Call (973) 928-3705 today for an emergency response to flooding in your home.

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The Real Truth Behind Effective Water Cleanup in Little Falls

11/15/2019 (Permalink)

leaking sink pipe on light blue background Pipes can break or leak causing water damage. Contact SERVPRO to investigate and remediate.

Prompt and Swift Water Cleanup of Your Little Falls' Kitchen Minimizes Interruptions for Your Family

A broken pipe can spray water in an arc, fully saturating your kitchen in Little Falls. Feed lines to appliances like your dishwasher or ice-maker on your refrigerator can do the same thing. Besides causing a mini-flood on your floor, damage can affect other areas nearby. The contents in the area can also sustain damage. Water and electricity never mix safely, and wet appliances can cause shocks to people or start a fire.

When something like this happens to a house in Little Falls, starting water cleanup as soon as possible keeps the situation from becoming more costly than absolutely necessary. SERVPRO's expert technicians know which steps to take to make mitigation ad restoration more manageable and less expensive. The emergency responses after such an event also keeps other areas in your home from getting damaged.

Our different teams work together to provide a concerted effort so each aspect of your house that became damaged receives the attention it needs for a complete recovery.. Restoring your property so everything in it becomes “Like it never even happened” is our goal.

If you have difficulty turning off the water at the main valve, explain this to our staff when you make the initial call. Our building services crew can shut this off for you. They also handle plumbing repairs, and can help get any affected appliances back into working order for you. Before this, we recommend not turning anything on that was switched off, as the initial surge of electricity can cause shorts and other malfunctions to happen.

Wiping surfaces down to get them dry keeps moisture from migrating deeper into pores. The more we remove now, the faster the rest of the process becomes. We also dry off individual food items, as this can save significant amounts of food that otherwise might spoil or become useless if water soaks into the packaging. Cans can also rust, which can contaminate the contents. Doing this early can help preserve the labels on affected cans, keeping things more organized for later use. 

Cords that hang down onto the floor can create shock hazards but we eliminate this hazard before moving the items so we can work on drying the floor. Cleaning up the water might also require stain removal where table legs discolored the carpet. However, many kitchens' flooring is tile or linoleum. Our building staff can handle repairs or tear-outs and installation of new, as needed.

Depending on the structure of your home, we might seal off the kitchen or parts of it to speed up drying. These barriers also keep moisture from invading other areas of your home. Regaining control of your house's interior environment starts as soon as we arrive, keeping us on schedule and able to restore your property quickly for you and your family's benefit.

SERVPRO of Clifton also provides water cleanup services to homes in and near Woodland Park. Contact us for all your restoration needs by calling (973) 928-3705, 24/7, year-round.

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Our Fire Damage Experts Can Save Your Clifton Home

11/6/2019 (Permalink)

fire in home causing damage Give us a call when you need us at (973) 928-3705.

Proper Damage Assessment Makes Clifton Fire Recovery Efficient

Among the most challenging aspects of fire recovery in your Clifton home is understanding how severe the damage is and what can be done to correct it. While restoration is a necessity after structure fires, accurately identifying the severity and scope of the damage can better determine the personnel, equipment, and processes required to return your home to preloss condition.

Because of how destructive fire damage in Clifton homes can continue to be, even after extinguishment, it is vital to secure restoration services as promptly as possible. We aim to streamline every phase of restoration and recovery, including our controlled demolition and reconstruction efforts with our licensed general contractors. This commitment begins with a thorough and intricate assessment of the entire property to understand the full scope of the fire loss.

Assessing hazards is one of the primary methods of keeping our technicians safe when our SERVPRO team gets set to begin working on fire losses in your residence, as well. Every restoration project is different, and variables exist that can become amplified or more dangerous in specific environments and conditions. Gasses released during the burning of certain materials, concentrations of soot and other debris, and even potential exposure to asbestos or lead must get determined to protect our employees working to restore your property.

The scope of the damage to your property also involves a detailed walkthrough and assessment by our SERVPRO project manager. Working with your insurance adjuster, we can determine a full catalog of the loss and the schedule and timeline of restoration projects to come. From determining moisture and dampness from firefighting efforts to the airborne threats present in the environment, we can map out the entire course of our restoration efforts from mitigation through reconstruction and cleanup.

With a thorough inspection of your home after first responders and firefighters have left your property, our SERVPRO of Clifton team can begin our mitigation and restoration processes quickly. Our full understanding of the damage and threats present can make our recovery more efficient and save our customers money on the work to get completed. Give us a call when you need us at (973) 928-3705.

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